Helping Hands intends to provide psychiatric rehabilitation and therapeutic behavioral services which are directed toward children and adolescents who are interested in finding new meaning and focus in their lives. Helping Hands will assist in the process of determining areas of interest which allow them to choose, procure, and retain valued roles in the home as well as community environments.

Our highly trained staff of licensed social workers and professional/rehabilitation counselors are committed to providing the highest quality of behavioral health, mental health, and psychiatric rehabilitation program services. In addition to direct care, Helping Hands Health Services provides consultation services, community-based support, advocacy, mentoring, assisting with entitlements, and coordinating person-centered treatment plans for each client. This may include age-appropriate self-care skills, vocational training, activities that support cultural interests, conflict resolution skills, anger management, social skills with peers and authority figures, maintaining personal safety in a social environment, budgeting, professionalism, and other useful skills. Our staff is committed to preparing our clients to become productive members of our society.

To be eligible for services, you must receive medical assistance and be willing to participate in mental health therapy. 


If you are a current Helping Hands client and have any concerns, please call 443-863-7343 or email

Next Steps...

Call 443-863-7343 or email the Executive Director, Ms. Epps, at to receive information on how to begin services!