Helping Hands

Health Services, Inc.

Othniel Hutchinson, Jr.

My name is Othniel Hutchinson Jr. and I am a PRP supervisor here at Helping Hands Health services. Around the office I am know as Hutch or Mr. Hutch by the kids. It seems that I am always remembered by the kids for my smoothie groups during the summer months and for helping them set up either the computer or the video games in the office.

My assigned staff has stated that I am the best supervisor that they have ever worked with. But initially they wanted nothing to do with me as they said I was too hard on them. However, now they love me, they all love me.

I enjoy working in PRP as I’m able to help some of, if not all, the kids in our program realize their true potential in life. Whether it be through our monthly groups or simply talking to them one on one when their parents ask us to. I also work with the adults in our program to help them through their rough patches in life and help them to be good examples for their children and their children’s children.