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It is the philosophy of Helping Hands to treat all current and prospective clients and their families with respect because when given the opportunity to work with youth, who are suffering from mental illnesses, our services can help the client to rediscover their strengths and take control of their situation to change their lives for the better.

The goal is to increase symptom management by decreasing maladaptive behaviors.  Helping Hands wants to make every possible attempt to give people the chance to find a sense of peace within themselves and live a life full of hope & purpose both today and tomorrow.  Program is voluntary.  It requires 100% compliance with program rules & a desire to succeed!

You must be invested in your treatment in order to be successful!!!

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Helping Hands intends to provide psychiatric rehabilitation and therapeutic behavioral services which are directed toward children and adolescents who are interested in finding new meaning and focus in their lives. Helping Hands will assist in the process of determining areas of interest which allow them to choose, procure, and retain valued roles in the home as well as community environments.

Helping Hands is actively looking for resources and volunteers for ongoing community efforts. Please visit our donations page for suggested items that will be donated to our community members who are in need of assistance.

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Psychiactric Rehabilitation Program

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Helping Hands has its mission assisting children/adolescents and adults identify individualized, personally satisfying rehabilitation goals, develop interventions to attain chosen goals, and provide critical skills and supports to facilitate in accomplishing goals.

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